Partnering With You To Keep Your WordPress Website In Peak Condition

​Are you a solopreneur/small business owner with a WordPress website who feels intimidated by technology and has to trust those know-it-all techies, who don't speak your language, to maintain it for you?

How would you like to work with someone who is both able to listen to your vision as well as make suggestions to you without using over the top gobbledygook?

How would you like to have one of your own tech savvy cohorts work with you and never have to haggle over the price of every little (or big) thing that you need to have done on your website (and any technology related to it)?

Are you ready to really partner one-on-one with a true Webmaster to handle everything with and connected to your WordPress website?

If you're thinking "yes, yes, yes and yes!", read on!

WordPress Support Packages

WordPress Support Webmaster Plan

You’ve spent a lot of time, effort, and money to get your WordPress website up and running. Do you really want to maintain it yourself? You’ve got a business to run!

What can happen when your site gets out of date and/or hackers get into it? Your site may not function correctly anymore; hackers may deface your site, install malware that can infect your visitors computers and get your site blacklisted, delete your site or just generally wreak havoc!

Don’t let your website become a “do it yourself” victim. This business partner WordPress Support Webmaster plan will keep your WordPress site in top shape at an all-inclusive price per month! And, we only work with a maximum of five clients at a time so that we can give you undivided attention and service!  Click here to get started today!

WordPress Hosting

  • On a high quality Virtual Private Server (VPS) for our clients only! Dump your crappy shared hosting!
  • Comes with an SSL certificate and free conversion of your site to SSL – Google will love your website a little bit more for it!
  • We will move your site from your current host.
  • Plus, your website will be optimized for performance!

(Hosting with us is required for this package.)

Unlimited WordPress Support

  • Immediate WordPress core and plugin updates.
  • Unlimited minor content and functionality changes to your website and any technology connected to it such as your email marketing account and social media accounts as long as the client provides the content. You can include any writings such as page updates, new pages, blog posts, newsletters, email blasts, autoresponder sequences, tweets, Facebook posts, etc. as long as all of the content is client supplied.
  • Unlimited consultations via email.
  • Free updates to any premium plugins we install.
  • Monthly reports on site activity, including analytics and search
  • Periodic reviews of your website: minor fixes automatically repaired and/or major issues and suggestions reported to you.

WordPress Security

  • 34-point WordPress security lockdown.
  • Daily malware & blacklist monitoring service plus cleanup.
  • Daily backups to an offsite cloud server.
  • Restoration of your WordPress website from backup files.

A la Carte Support Package

Our A la Carte Support Package gives you the extra help you need for your online business.

You can purchase this package in addition to, or independent of, our WordPress Support Webmaster Plan.

WordPress Support

Basically, anything related to your WordPress website, including, but not limited to:

  • WordPress core and plugin updates
  • Content additions/changes/deletions
  • Additions/Changes/Deletions to website functionality
  • Website redesign or conversion implementations
  • Requests not covered by our WordPress Support Webmaster Plan (i.e. anything that we need to create and/or major changes to website functionality)
  • Internet Marketing such as email systems, shopping carts, memberships, forums, landing pages, sales pages, squeeze pages, newsletters, autoresponders, etc.
  • Social Media support
  • WordPress website review and recommendations

Graphic Design

  • For anything on your website or external connections such as emails, social media, etc.
  • Logos, banners, custom graphics for landing pages, sales pages, squeeze pages, social media, etc.
  • Business cards, flyers, brochures, etc.
  • Printing services with product delivered to your door.
  • Free reprints of any design we do for you if you have a WordPress Support Webmaster Plan with us (limited to original specifications).

How Does It Work?

The A la Carte Support Package is based on the specific needs of your project. Fill out the form below today to get your quote!