Jackie MoulisI am an over 45 tech savvy gal (what?!) who loves to work with others of my cohort that are solopreneurs or small business owners that have (or would like to have) WordPress websites. Cuz we're like cousins, identical cousins and you'll find, we laugh alike, we walk alike, at times we even talk alike - woah, now that's dating myself, though in reruns only! Just a wee bit too young for the original run!

 What's my story?

I found a late interest in computers after I had finished my bachelors degree in business administration; the company I was working for at the time had put me on a project, as a business user, to upgrade the computer system we used in our department. I was hooked. I returned to my hometown near Madison, Wisconsin and went to work for another company while getting my degree in computer programming. Upon completion of that degree, I was hired into an Information Technology (IT) position within that same company.

Life went on, I married and had our two children. Unfortunately, our oldest child developed severe autism and I had to leave my career to oversee his needs. To keep from going completely mad (OK, I just enjoy technology!), I started my own technical support business to work with other solopreneurs/small business owners with their websites and related technologies.

I have been working with solopreneurs/small businesses since 2007 and I would love to work with you, too!


"Jackie is responsive, creative, and always creates excellent work. She is proactive about alerting me to problems and solutions I wouldn't think to ask about. She is a joy to communicate with and I've enjoyed working with her tremendously."

— Denise R. Green
Brilliance Inc.

"Tech Savvy E-Sources support is like having a website/email support person on staff. They respond the same day to questions, sometimes almost instantly. They answer questions in a detailed technical way or a bottom-line way depending on what is needed. For website development they give a clear quote of when the work will start and stop, and they stick to the schedule. They've helped us consistently for the past five years whenever we need support. "

— Charles J. Gervasi
Four Lakes Technology

"Jackie 'gets' what I need.  She is proactive and understands the overall picture so that she can integrate systems and products to work together for the long term. She is super responsive and adds in all the little things I forgot to mention.  I consider Jackie to be an integral part of my team and I could not be offering what I am without her expertise and skill.  I am forever grateful I found Jackie and highly recommend her to anyone who needs assistance with internet sites, marketing and online programs."

— Kris Barrett
Nourish Me Health

"Jackie is a clear communicator and highly responsive. She's organized and brings a lot of technical know-how to the table. She is highly competent and proactively solves problems that arise. She is also a good empathizer - which is important in someone you're building trust with and working with technology."

— Liz Agnew Myers
Integrative Leadership Strategies

Tara Reed"I was a do-it-yourselfer extreme! It was hard for me to outsource because I loved to learn and know how everything worked in my business. But I realized if I was to grow and keep some balance in my life, I needed to get help. Jackie was very patient, helping me get comfortable with giving her control of tasks I really didn't need to do myself. After working with her for 4 months, I realized I barely ever thought of her - I have such confidence that she is getting things done that I don't worry about it - I focus on what I need. Working with Jackie has definitely freed me up to do what I'm best at. She's got a great attention to detail and is great to work with. I'd recommend her to anyone!"

— Tara Reed
Tara Reed Designs Inc.

Clare Sente"Jackie is a true partner for me and my business. She helped me to set up my teleseminars, create new links on my website, and edits the audio content. It would have taken me hours and days to learn what she can easily do. She is worth every penny and is honest and dependable. I continue to work with Jackie monthly and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to expand their online presence. She is a true professional."

— Clare Sente
Clarity Living

Valencia Ray"Jackie, I really appreciate your dedication, honesty and commitment to doing excellent work. I have been totally satisfied and I highly recommend you to those that are looking for a virtual assistant to help them with their online businesses. Your technical expertise has been invaluable and I look forward to our continued business relationship as my business continues to expand. Thank you for doing such good work."

— Valencia Ray MD
The Efficace Group